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We want to be a safe place for EVERYONE


At Living Springs we aim to come together and engage with God as He meets us where we are. Come as you are. How we dress doesn't draw us any closer to God so come in what is comfortable, from jeans to whatever. Wherever you come from in life, you belong at Living Springs. In addition, a 15 minute coffee time takes place mid service, allowing people to connect with others and grab a drink. 


All three weekend worship services have an opportunity for your kids to learn about God and life at their level.  Programs are divided into three age groups: Nursery (12mths - 36mths), Preschool (3yrs - 5yrs), and K5 (5yrs & in Kindergarten - Grade 5).  Each group aims to connect children to the gospel at levels they can comprehend.  While our nursery focuses mainly on loving nurture and positive play, our preschool and K5 groups include interactive Bible lessons, engaging activities, and enthusiastic worship.  For moms with infants, a room is located downstairs beside the nursery and includes comfortable, private seating and live video feed of the service. 

Visiting for your first time? 


If you happen to join us on a week where we participate in communion (a.k.a. Eucharist, Blessed Sacrament, or Lord's Supper) and you consider yourself a follower of Christ, feel free to join us! The emblems consumed are bread wafers and grape juice, symbolically representing Christ's sacrificed body and shed blood.  This sacrament reminds us of Christ's all-sufficient love, grace, and forgiveness to us and the promise of His imminent and glorious return.  It is an act of remembrance, introspection, and hope.  Anyone who has faith in Christ as Saviour and Lord is encouraged to partake.


In the authority of the Bible

There is one God, eternally existent in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit

In the virgin birth and deity of Jesus Christ

That Jesus is God’s son and the only sacrifice for sin

That Jesus rose bodily from the dead

That a person must be born again to receive eternal life

In the return of Christ

In Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross providing healing in answer to prayer

In Jesus’ lordship of the church and the practices of baptism and communion

In the present day reality of the Holy Spirit; in filling believers and empowering them for ministry, including the exercising of spiritual gifts.