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Christ-followers don’t participate in any activity in order to earn what has already been given to us as a gift. Instead, we use certain traditions to remind us of what is already ours. These tangible reminders are not a means to receive grace, but a means of celebrating the grace we have already received. And that difference is crucial
- Bruxy Cavey, Reunion

Baptism is an amazing experience that began long before you got to this page! We hope you have experienced the love of Christ in a life changing way, whether that was earlier today or what feels like a lifetime ago. Baptism is an opportunity to physically represent before others what Christ has already done spiritually. Baptism is an opportunity to once again say, "I'm burying my old life with all its failure and pain, I’m accepting God’s cleansing and newness and, I’m coming up out of these waters as a new person reborn into a better version of myself." If you are interested, fill out the form below and you will hear back soon from one of our staff!



Our next date is June 1st and 2nd, If you would rather a different date please request it in the form below, or contact a pastor to request a date that works for you!

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